Toyota Supra 2020: Australian pricing

Toyota Supra 2020: Australian pricing

Well, now. One of the most-asked questions of pretty much any Australian car journalist is, “Are you a drug dealer or something?” The second question is (after you’ve explained how you get your hands on all the good hardware), “How much for the new Toyota Supra?”

Well. Now we know.

Toyota is going to offer two models at launch, a GT and a GTS.

The GT will start at $84,900 before ORCs. That’s a lot of money, except when you compare it to its twin-under-the-skin BMW Z4. The M40i, powered by the same B58 turbo straight six kicks off at $124,000.

The GT comes stocked with keyless entry and start, electric and heated driver’s seat and some bits and bobs to keep you happy. There’s a presumably Toyota-ified version of BMW’s excellent iDrive, too.

Step up to the $94,900 GTS and you get red brake calipers, bigger brakes and a choice of leather or Alcantara seats. Tasty.

You also get a stack of safety gear, which is always nice to know.


Toyota is offering the new 2020 Toyota Supra in GT and GTS form. Starting at $97,330 for the straight-six GT and $104,379 for the GTS. Both have the eight-speed ZF automatic as standard.

BMW’s silky-smooth 250kW/450Nm twin-scroll turbo straight-six drives the rear wheels in hopefully as unruly a fashion as the Z4 M40i.

Obviously, you get the same eight-speed ZF automatic which is never not good, so that’s brilliant.

0-100km/h arrives in an impressive 4.3 seconds and top-whack is a limited 250km/h.

As with the Z4, the Supra will likely arrive later in the year with a manual transmission, although one wonders if Toyota will offer it as a no-cost option or as part of the launch of the four-cylinder variants that have not yet been confirmed for Australia.