The V10 Lamborghini Huracán Is Here

The venerable Gallardo is dead – long live the Huracan.

Lamborghini is finding it impossible to keep the new baby Huracán under wraps and so here are the images in all their glory.

What we know about Huracán

The internet is deducing from the LP610-4 that the car is powered by a V10 (we are big, big V10 fans here) good for 602bhp or 440kW. The noise from its quad-pipes is bound to be marvellous if Auto Bild’s video of a Huracán firing up is anything to go by.

The internet also knows that it has a seven-speed dual clutch box, so say goodbye to manual Lambos, we reckon.

The Gallardo

The Gallardo has been with us now for just on a decade and was the first fruits of the initially-inexplicable purchase of the company by Audi.

It is also the car that carried Lamborghini through the Global Financial Crisis, totting up over 14000 sales in its decade on the books.

It came as a coupe and Spyder drop top and was even used by a  number of police departments, most notably the Italians (who crashed them with seeming monotonous regularity), the English and various Middle Eastern jurisdictions.

There were a few special ones, too – the SE, with its black roof and Callisto rims; the Nera, a gauche, over-personalised model for those without taste; and the daddy of them all, the Superleggera (superlight).

The final years saw a tidal wave of special editions, none madder than the LP-570-4 Squadra Corse, the answer to the upcoming Ferrari 458 Speciale.

The Gallardo was a game-changer for the brand, and rightly so. Hardly any of them caught fire, you could drive them in any weather condition but the company still maintained its image of being totally mental.

The last Gallardo down the line was a LP-570-4 Spyder Performante, in Mars Rosso red, no less.

Enough talk. Have a look at this bad boy. And enjoy.

[Photo Source: La Stampa]