See (and hear) the new Aston Martin TM01 twin-turbo V6

See (and hear) the new Aston Martin TM01 twin-turbo V6

Most famous for its legendary DB-series straight-six engines of the preceding century, Aston Martin has stepped into a world full of uncertainty with a powerful statement: its own V6 powerplant.

The legendary British brand’s first in-house design since Tadek Marek’s 1968 V8, the 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 is being developed to supposedly power a new range of mid-engine sports cars. Expect it to debut in the 2022 ‘Valhalla’, a mid-size, carbon-chassis sportster that will see the V6 run in mild hybrid form. Aston Martin says plug-in hybrid is also possible.

The video apparently demonstrates the V6’s ‘inside-V’ turbocharger location, used by the likes of BMW for packaging and response reasons – the turbo’s location being closer to their respective intake and exhaust manifolds.

Further details are scarce at this stage however, the AM V6 is dry-sumped and weighs around 200kg. To be competitive among similar engines, it will need to generate an Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA-matching 400-plus kilowatts.

This new donk is being called the TM01 – a nostalgic nod to Marek’s legacy.

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