Redline Links We Like: Astra, WRX, Forester

Redline Links We Like: Astra, WRX, Forester

Links We Like is a new series we’ll do every week or so to highlight more of my writing outside of The Redline as well as from other sites that are worth a look. Most of these are normal cars that we actually buy, so there’s an added bonus of genuine consumer information.

Holden Astra R+
It’s a Holden but it’s also an Opel. And a Peugeot.

So, from me, there’s my review of the Holden Astra R+ at, a nice little car that actually handles pretty well.

If you want to see some lunatic commenters, there’s my review of the Subaru WRX STi from a little while back. The YouTube comments are dead-set gold and you should have a look. Just remember – I’ve owned a WRX, drove the standard WRX the week before and then drove the STi. All true and all verifiable.

Also from me, I had a Subaru Forester 2.5i-S for six months and I think that’s worth a read and a watch.

SUV Authority

Mazda CX-3

Over at SUV Authority you’ll find a couple of good ones.

Karl has driven the Range Rover Velar and he has driven it before me, which is supremely irritating, but there you are.

Before that he had the exact opposite of the Velar – okay, maybe not exact – but it’s a quite a different car, the Mazda CX-3.

Drive Zero

Jaguar I-Pace

Back to me, because it’s all about me. I’ve recently started writing about electric cars for the Australian EV site Drive Zero.

There’s a rundown of the Australian base model Tesla Model X five-seater vs the Jaguar I-Pace S.

I also wrote a bit on the Porsche Mission E Cross Turismo with fewer jokes than here.

There are some excellent guides there about Australian EV ownership, which compared to the US and much of Europe is a bit of a struggle.

Boosted Autos

And another partner site – well, we will be – is Boosted.

The appropriately named Will Ford scored himself a set of fresh Toyo boots for his MX-5 and did a review. A good one.