Paris 2018: Hyundai i30 N N Option

Paris 2018: Hyundai i30 N N Option

Need a bit more Civic Type R drama in your Hyundai i30 N? Want a bit more AMG-style bling? Hyundai has you covered.

As you’re probably aware, I was quite a fan of the i30 N. It’s a cracker of a car, literally in the case of the exhaust system. While I’m a big fan of its restrained approach to styling, not everybody is.

Cars like this tend to attract the modder crowd so Hyundai’s N is going to offer a whole bunch of customisation options.

N Option Exterior

Hyundai i30 N N Option
Hyundai i30 N N Option

This is properly tasty, no? The usual stuff is here – wing, stripes, wheels, that sort of thing.

The carbon fibre rear wing features the N logo, there’s a vented carbon bonnet (hood for our American friends), a new grille with N logo and a set of lightweight cast alloys. Wrapped in semi-slicks, obviously, because Hyundai doesn’t mind you flinging the N around a track.

The quad muffler system should make the crackling even louder.

N Option Interior

Hyundai i30 N N Option

I like what I see here.

Fat Alcantara steering wheel? Check. Complete with centre marker, too.

Racy bucket seats, again with Alcantara and N logos? Check. Those slots at the shoulders look very AMG, but I’ll survive.

Alcantara trim and carbon fibre dash inserts? Er, obviously. I quite like the dashtop covered in the ol‘ fake suede which also looks to be on the armrest.

The shifter looks a bit blingy, but hey, these are all options.

When and how much?

Ha, yeah. I don’t know about you, but the press release is a bit light-on for actual detail. Yes, it’s a show car (in its own shade of paint), but the press release says that N Option gear is coming soon. It doesn’t say if you can retrofit any of this stuff or even how much the bits will cost.

So I guess we just have to wait?