Mercedes-Benz Australia Ups Warranty To Five Years

Mercedes-Benz Australia Ups Warranty To Five Years

After resisting the move for a long, long time, Mercedes-Benz owners will enjoy a five year warranty that includes AMG variants and commercials.

Well. Here we go. From 1 April 2020, all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles will be covered by a five year warranty.

If it’s a private car, that means a five-year/unlimited kilometre coverage.

If it’s for a taxi or ride share car, the coverage is limited to five years/200,000km.

Roadside assist will go for the entire five years and covers you whether it’s private use or for business.

Mercedes-Benz S350d

If you’re looking at a Mercedes ute (X-Class) or van (Vito, Valente, Sprinter), private buyers will also get five years/unlimited kilometres while commercial users will be restricted to 250,000km. Commercial users also get 3 years/250,000km on the 12-volt battery.

With a five-year manufacturer’s warranty across our entire Cars and Vans range supported by our existing Capped Price Servicing and Service Plan portfolio, customers can have increased flexibility and certainty throughout their journey with Mercedes-BenzHorst von Sanden, Mercedes-Benz CEO and MD, Australia

Why am I telling you this? Because in every Mercedes review I’ve done, I’ve gone in hard about the three-year warranty being too short. Five years is much more like it and matches the longest pre-purchased service plan available on most Mercs.

If you’ve already bought a Mercedes in March 2020, you’ll get the five-year warranty, which is also rather thoughtful. And it would make a lot of people very mad if they didn’t.

This hopefully means BMW and Audi will follow along shortly.