Lotus Evora GT 410 Drops: Softer Everyday Lotus

Lotus Evora GT 410 Drops: Softer Everyday Lotus

The Lotus Evora GT seeks to widen the veteran mid-engine sports car’s appeal. With a more luxurious interior and a grand tourer vibe, it might come to Australia.

One of the first videos on The Redline is also one of my favourites, the Lotus Evora. I called it the forgotten supercar because poor old Lotus just doesn’t get the love. Which is bollocks because the Evora is good. Really good.

It might be A Bit Much for some folks, though. While it’s hardly the high-silled hard-to-get-into Elise (or Exige…), there are things that keep people away.

How much is a Lotus Evora GT and what do I get?

2020 Lotus Evora GT

How much? Well, in the UK the GT is a handy £3000 cheaper at £82,900. It’s still not a bargain, but three grand is three grand.

The GT has Sparco front seats, reversing camera, a new stereo with Apple CarPlay and DAB and it also has air-conditioning as standard. Australian Evoras (Evorae?) all have air-con already, just so you know.

GTs also ship with a bit more cabin insulation to reduce road noise and dampen down the engine. New door cards also feature integrated armrests (this is a Lotus, folks) and storage bins.

2020 Lotus Evora GT
New seats! / New door cards!

Its dampers are also “revised (read softer) for a more comfortable ride – there wasn’t a lot wrong with in the first place, just quietly. And Michelin Pilot Sport 4Ses will make the car more useful year-round in the UK but that’s less of a drama here.

The excellent supercharged Toyota-sourced V6 continues in 410 spec, which is the same as the harder and sharper Sport 410. It’s a terrific engine. You’ll also be able to spot the GT by its new tailgate with more glass for better rearward visibility.

What about Australia?

2020 Lotus Evora GT

The car is not yet confirmed for Australia. According to the local spokesperson, Lotus Cars Australia is working with the UK arm “to ensure a strong mix of equipment and market positioning for the AU market.”

That sort of means there’s the routine dust-up over price and spec. Australian Lotus buyers are a particular bunch and the folks at the local operation absolutely love what they do, so they’ll work pretty hard.

As soon as we have a price, we’ll let you know. The Sport 410’s Australian price is $179,990 for the manual and $181,990 for the auto.