Lotus Evija Configurator Unveiled

Lotus Evija Configurator Unveiled

Lotus has provided details on its EV hypercar’s configurator and a little more of what customers might expect to see.


The spectacular new Lotus Evija is mere months away and at the same time, already in production for first deliveries in late 2020. Lotus says the first year’s production of the limited-run hypercar is already sold out, so the company is now chasing the less brave punters.

To that end, the company has unveiled its configurator. It’s a touchscreen device that customer can use to see every single choice they made represented on the screen.

The idea is that you can place the car in a variety of environments – through the video game cleverness of ray-tracing – to see how your choices will look. Annoyingly, the pictures Lotus supplied are all the same colour, but the video above shows the car in other colours.

Lotus also tell us that as your Evija is built, you’ll get a series of gifts to go with certain milestones. There are no hints as to those gifts, but there you are.

One exceptionally cool idea is that at the end of it all, you get a book detailing your car’s journey. You get the book at the “handover celebrations” – good thing they call it that given it costs more than a New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

We’ll see more Evija as 2020 continues.