Lister Claims World's Fastest SUV

Lister Claims World's Fastest SUV

Hoo boy. British Jaguar tuner Lister reckons it has the world’s fastest SUV, based on the sleek Jaguar F-Type SVR. The LFP is the second new Lister this year after the LFT 666 (formerly Thunder) heralded Lister’s return.

Lister says the LFT-666 is the fastest-selling car in Lister’s history, which is heartening. There’s nothing worse than cool car companies dying because they can’t flog their stuff.

The LFP, as you can well see, is based on the Jaguar F-Pace. The press release only has the headline figures, but they’re worth a read.

Lister LFP

Lister says the carbon-fibre modified machine (they don’t say what is made from the magic material) will hit 100km/h (62mph) in just 3.5 seconds.

Top speed is a terrifying 324km/h (200mph). And that’s all we know.

Looking at the pictures, the car is obviously substantially lower and the front brakes, in particular, look massive.

Lister LFP

Father and son team Andrew and Lawrence Whittaker bought Lister in 2013 and set to work. Job one was a run of Knobby “continuation cars” (where have we seen that recently?) and things went on from there.

Lister is taking deposits of £1,000 to secure a slot. The company says it will make 250 of these machines and the current estimated price is £140,000.

“We kicked-off 2018 where we left 2017, as the UK’s fastest-growing company in the competitive motor industry business sector. Over the past six months, the Lister Motor Company has been working very hard, developing our Tuning Division, starting with modifying the Jaguar F-Type, the Lister LFT-666, and setting up our new headquarters in Lancashire. The imminent release of our new monster killer LFP promises to see this healthy situation continue for the remainder of this year, and beyond.”Lawrence Whittaker, CEO Lister Motor Company

Fair enough. We’ve no idea if we’ll ever get to drive a Lister, but you’ll know about it if we do.