Links We Like: 500X, GLA45, Kona,

Links We Like: 500X, GLA45, Kona,

Links We Like is a weekly *cough* round-up of stuff I’ve written elsewhere as well as a few highlights of what’s going on around the traps.

Fiat 500X

I drive lots of normal cars to help keep my feet on the ground and pay some bills. Over at carsguide I drove the Fiat 500X mini-SUV. I actually like, but I don’t know if it’s a very good car.

I also drove the Mercedes-AMG GLA45. I didn’t much like the A45 AMG (it’s good, but I didn’t like it that much), so I didn’t hold much hope for the GLA.

The May instalment of my long-term Hyundai Kona is also up.

SUV Authority

Over in Perth, the inestimable Karl Peskett has got stuck into the base model Audi Q2. He also went to the other end of the scale and spent some time in the Kia Sorento V6.

Over at Rally Sport Magazine, an Australian rallying mag, Matthew Whitten writes about the excellent job Molly Taylor is doing. She’s an Australian Rally Championship winner and the fans love her.

The Dollop Podcast

The Dollop is a bi-weekly* American history podcast. It’s extremely funny but also hugely sweary (as in lots of bad language) but this episode is about the 1908 New York to Paris motor race (iTunes) (Dollop Podcast) and it’s awesome.