Ferrari F8 Tributo Unleashed in Sydney

Ferrari F8 Tributo Unleashed in Sydney

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is Maranello’s successor to the lauded – and rightly so – 488 GTB. More powerful, faster and packed with aero cleverness, it broke cover in a huge event in Sydney.

Sydney loves a party and so Ferrari chose to unveil the F8 Tributo on Australian soil in front of 400 guests from all around the country.

Guests filed into a staging area, ringed with heavy black curtains before a sound and light show heralded the car’s arrival. With a final burst of light and sound, the curtains fell.

Flanked by every mid-engined V8 sportscar since the 308 GTB, the F8 Tributo was immediately swamped after bursting out from beneath a huge platform. Ferrari could have launched the car by just whipping off a sheet and saying, “Ta-da” but where’s the fun in that?

It’s about creating fun. The cars are fun within the limit on track and on road.Herbert Appleroth, Ferrari Australasia.

We’ve already covered the F8 Tributo here, but the headline facts are:

  • more power
  • 10% better aero, including the Pista‘s S-duct.
  • 6% faster corner exit speed
  • Lexan engine cover
  • new Ferrari design direction

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How much and when?

The F8 Tributo will hit dealerships in Australia in the first quarter of 2019, priced at $484,888 before on-roads.

The F8 Tributo is the first of an onslaught – well, in Ferrari terms – of new models, with the SF90 also due sometime soon. A third, as-yet unconfirmed model is also on its way and if I have my rumour mill right, possibly even a fourth.

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