Ferrari 488's Fate Is Sealed - Welcome to the F8 Tributo

Ferrari 488's Fate Is Sealed - Welcome to the F8 Tributo

The 488 is dead – long live the Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Well, that’s a bit dramatic, but there you are. The time has come for Maranello to replace the wonderful 488 with the next-generation of mid-engined V8 supercar. The F8 Tributo (what do we think of the name?) will take Ferrari into the 2020s and is based on the hardcore 488 Pista.

The most obvious change is the inclusion of the Pista’s S-Duct at the front. Providing a crap ton (okay, fifteen percent) more downforce, the S-Duct adds further aero capability to an already extraordinary platform. The radiators are also F1-style, angled rearwards to reduce frontal area and the dynamic air intakes have moved to the outside of the spoiler. New brake cooling ducts up the front were made possible by the slimmer headlights.

Ferrari F8 Tributo
New brake ducts, headlights and the Pista’s S-Duct (smaller, though)

Along with the increase in downforce, Ferrari also claimed that aero efficiency is up by ten percent, which means less drag. The chassis is 40kg lighter, too (dry weight).

The 3.9-litre V8 returns, with a power bump to 530kW (720PS). That’s, uh, an enormous amount of power. As ever, the variable torque management is along for the ride to ensure minimal turbo lag. Torque is up 10Nm to 770Nm, but don’t worry, it’s already way more than you could ever need.

The manettino wheel on the now-smaller steering wheel features a new system called Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE+), which is part of Race mode.

[FDE+ is] designed to make performance on the limit easier to reach and control for an even greater number of drivers.F8 press release
It still has horrible doorhandles

Look and Feel

The F8’s design is once again out of Ferrari Centro Stile. The designers added louvred Lexan engine cover as a tribute to the classic F40, hence the name (I guess?). The louvres are more than an homage, however. The hot air flows out of the engine bay without ruining the airflow over the blown spoiler.

Ferrari says inspiration for the rear end came from the 1975 308 GTB. The new spoiler design allowed for a return to the twin taillight arrangement so beloved of supercar makers.

Ferrari F8 Tributo Interior

The cabin is basically all-new. Like the Portofino, a central media screen allows the passenger to run the stereo which was a bit of a drama in the 458 and 488. It’s not the luxurious 10-inch screen from its V8-powered sibling, but 7.0inches is fine in such a tight space. All the interior panels are new as are the air vents. It doesn’t look strikingly different, but you know, if it wasn’t broken…

Thankfully the wonderful instrument cluster looks pretty much the same, with that massive yellow rev-counter with a digital readout for the speed and gear selection.

How much and when?

Lots and soon. The F8 will be properly shown off next week at the Geneva Motor Show.