Epic M5 Drift. With Refuelling.

Epic M5 Drift. With Refuelling.


The Epic M5 Drift

Some mad BMW chaps decided they were going to break two world records – drifting and refuelling. As surely as night follows day, if you drift a car for long enough, even at low speeds on a wet skid pan, you’re going to find yourself needing to top up the tank.

But you can’t break a world record drift attempt (eight long hours was the target) if you have to stop to refuel. So, just like an Air Force tanker refuelling fighter jets mid-mission, these madcap Germans devised a system to refuel the M5 mid-drift on the skid pan.

As the video shows, the geniuses installed a filler neck that punched a whole in the rear window. A second M5 carried extra fuel to pump into the drift-wagen while in flight. Now I’ve seen mad people on the internet but the chap hanging out of the refuelling rig to slam the pump home must be one of the braver people on earth.

Just like a drift battle, both cars had to be on the move in a slidey kind of way, preferably not touching and crushing the brave refueller. And they didn’t just do this once. They did it again…and again…and again.

The Cars

Keen spotters will notice that the refueller car is the older F10 M5. The newer cars have a carbon fibre roof, so the older car with the metal roof and a sunroof was chosen so the refuelling bunny could hang off the car. I half-expected him to start slapping the car’s flanks with a cowboy hat to urge the driver on.

One wonders how either driver didn’t spend the whole day puking their guts out. Perhaps the next attempt will involve a driver change. The attempt would have been more boring than a Lars von Trier marathon, just to really hammer home how committed the drifter was.

Two Guinness World Records?

Yep. We won’t spoil it. Watch the video for the slightly harrowing results…

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