BMW M3 Wagon is Go. For Australia.

BMW M3 Wagon is Go. For Australia.

You might have caught me scolding BMW for not doing a fast wagon and it seems I’m a powerful man in this town (along with a zillion other people).

The next M3 is surely going to be an absolute belter of a machine with the twin-turbo straight-six already seen in the X3 and X4 M machines. Many of us, however, had resigned ourselves to the M3 sedan acting as the lone 3 Series from M Gmbh.

Turns out we we were wrong. As I said in the Audi RS6 video, BMW has been sending you to Alpina for a fast wagon and that’s just not really good enough. Which left Audi in charge of both the C-segment with the RS4 and D-segment with the RS6 when buyers were looking for fast wagons.

Yes you can get an AMG C63 Estate, but it’s not really the same thing, is it?

Some Alpina wagon weaponry

So. Here’s what BMW Australia told us today:

‘We plan to introduce the M3 Touring and will advise arrival timing closer to the launch date’BMW Australia. Well, BMW Australia’s spokespeople, not all of it.

So if you were me and a fan of very fast wagons with (this is a guess, you understand) about $160,000 to spend, pop down to your local BMW dealer and demand they cease talking and accept your hard currency.

As the quote doesn’t say, the M3 Touring is most likely going to arrive sometime next year.

And dammit, buy it. People have been screaming at BMW for years to do this, the last thing we all want is a tepid buyer response that will give Munich the moral high ground to say, “We told you so.”

In the nicest possible way, of course…