BMW Australia adds to M Pure line-up

BMW Australia adds to M Pure line-up

M Pure cars are more affordable performance cars from Munich, with hefty price cuts and slimmer feature list. But still fast and fun.

Before today, the Pure line-up included such fun as the M2, M5 and, when required M3 and M4 (may they rest in peace). Normally Australians love a fully-loaded beastie, but these are trying times for posh fast cars.

Now you can buy several M Performance models in Pure spec.

BMW X2 M35i Pure – $64,400 + ORC

Kicking off with the X2 M35i – a blast if ever there was one – you can save $5000, the Pure weighing in at $64,400. That price includes 20-inch M light alloy wheels , Cerium Grey with run-flat tyres, M Sport brake, M Sport diff with front LSD, M suspension setup (not adaptive – can’t have it with 20-inch wheels on the UKL2 platform), powered tailgate, head-up display and M Sport seats.

The $69,900 X2 M35i remains and adds a fancy harmon kardon stereo, powered and heated front seats and Comfort Access. So you’re not missing much.

BMW says you’re getting $6000 of stuff for $1000 less.

BMW M340i xDrive Pure – $94,900 + ORC

BMW M340i xDrive (standard model show)

Next up is the powerhouse M340i xDrive Pure, coming in at $94,900, a ten grand saving over the standard car.

That nets you the same B58 straight-six turbo with 285kW and 500Nm, 19-inch alloys, M Sport brakes and diff, comfort access, adaptive LED headlights, auto parking with steering assist), driving assistant professional, wireless phone charging, head-up display and sports seats.

The standard car has gone up $5000 to $104,900 and has the awesome laser headlights, glass roof, harmon kardon surround sound, heated front seats, electrically-operated boot and ambient lighting. That seems like a lot of extra gear but again, apart from maybe the headlights, you’re not missing anything of huge importance.

BMW says the $10,000 difference is worth $12,400.

BMW X5 M50i Pure – $136,900 + ORC

BMW X5 M50i (standard model shown)

Stepping up to the big boys, the X5 M50i Pure packs a twin-turbo 4.4-litre V8, 22-inch alloys, M brakes, diff, exhaust, steering and adaptive suspension, comfort access, heated seats, adaptive LEDs, Live Cockpit (digital dash) panorama sunroof and wireless phone charging.

For another $15,000 ($151,900) the M50i adds M Suspension Professional with active roll stabilisation and rear wheel steering, laser headlights, soft close doors, harmon kardon surround system, four-zone climate control and heated/cooled cupholders.

Having driven an X6 M50i with all this gear on it, that might be $15,000 well-spent for the keen driver – the suspension and all-wheel steer are brilliant.

BMW X6 M50i Pure – $140,900 + ORC

BMW X6 M50i (standard model shown)

That most polarising of cars, the X6 also scores the Pure treatment. You still get 22-inch alloys, M brakes, diff, exhaust, steering and adaptive suspension, comfort access, heated front seats, adaptive LEDs, Live Cockpit and whatever else the X5 M50i Pure had.

Stepping up to the X6 M50i you get the same Adaptive M Suspension Professional, laser headlights etc.

BMW reckons you’re getting $19,000 worth of extra value for $15,000, so a four grand saving is good, I guess?

Redline Recommendation

These are all good cars (although I’m yet to drive the M340i). Both the X2 and 340i Pures look absolutely fine on paper as most of the differences are cosmetic.

It’s only when you get to the X5 and X6 when you see any mechanical differences. Plenty of folks who buy the bigger SUVs won’t mind having fewer driver-focussed additions, and that’s okay. But if you’re a keen driver, you’ll want them.