Audi SQ2 In The Q Queue

Audi SQ2 In The Q Queue
Not an Audi SQ2

Ingolstadt’s MQB-based compact SUV has had the Audi Sport treatment – the result is the Audi SQ2 (not pictured. Sorry)

Not an Audi SQ2
(Not an Audi SQ2. Sorry.)

2018 means lots of Q-ing

(I am not sorry for that pun, not one little bit)

It’s a busy year for Audi’s Q-line of SUVs, with three ready to pop this year – the Q8, the long-overdue new Q3 and the SQ2.

I know this will upset a lot of people – hello, lovely to have you along – but the Audi Q2 is quite a nice little car. In 2.0 TFSI Quattro form, it’s bordering on warm hatch territory, too.

But, as ever, Audi has left no stone unturned to lure buyers into its lair and tossed the Q2 over to the nutters at Audi Sport. Some of you might remember the last time a small SUV went over the wall. It came back as the completely bonkers RSQ3 which is a ton of five cylinder fun. If you haven’t driven it, do not have a go – it really is a hoot. Irrelevant? Certainly. But it’ll make you laugh your butt off.

Get used to fast SUVs, too – the electric revolution is going to bring a ton more of them because the jacked-up nature of SUVs suits slinging a bank of batteries underneath without stuffing the styling.

Audi SQ2

Not an Audi SQ2
Still not an Audi SQ2

The SQ2 had been more rumour than fact. Audi registered the SQ2 trademark in 2013, but car makers do that kind of thing all the time, partly to stop another brand doing it to annoy them. But hot Q2s started popping up in spy shots and then rather more fully formed at the Nurburging.

This week, though, Audi’s brass held the Audi Annual Press Conference and board members Peter Meertens confirmed the SQ2’s existence. He didn’t say much else apart from its Shanghai Motor Show debut in June.

Under the bonnet is most likely the S3’s turbo four-cylinder, but with fewer horses. In the S3 it spins out 213kW (290PS), but bank expect a rounder 200kWish (280PS) for the tiddler. Don’t want to upset the S3 brigade, do we?

Obviously bigger brakes, lower stiffer suspension and a boatload of detail tweaks and a buttload of options will transform the SQ2 into an even more nimble machine.

And the RSQ2?

Yeah, that’s still a rumour. Other sites claim that the wee beastie could inherit the RSQ3’s five-cylinder because it fits in the MQB platform but I’ve got personal doubts about that being A Thing. It’s probably too niche even for Audi.

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