812 GTS: Ferrari's new Roofless V12

812 GTS: Ferrari's new Roofless V12

The Ferrari 812 GTS is the lifts the lid on one of the finest road cars on sale today.

Today rather feels like The Redline has turned into a convertible Ferrari page, but there you are – that’s what happens when two cars land on the same day. Ferrari appears to have kicked off the announcement with a dirty stinking lie.

The 812 GTS is the first front-mounted V12 spider in over half-a-century.

I thought it was a dreadful fib because I clearly remember 2005’s Superamerica. Turns out Ferrari did too and also reminded me of the 550 Barchetta Pininfarina (2009), the SA Aperta (2010) and the F60 America. The trick with those four cars is that they were specials – the 812 GTS will go into series production at Maranello.

Look and Feel

Lopping the roof off is always a rum business and given the 812 GTS has a retractable hardtop, the engineers had to put it somewhere. So the rear of the car has been redesigned not only to make sure it still looks good. And is still aerodynamically sound.

The buttresses are meant to give an impression of forward thrust (tick) and I reckon they look amazing. There’s still a boot underneath there, too, but it’s probably not the main concern of an 812 buyer.

A new triplane wing integrated into the rear diffuser claws back the downforce lost by the removal of the bypass duct. Ferrari reckons it has recovered the lot, also cutting drag with the vent at the rear of the buttress structures.

The upper corners of the windscreen feature an aero device to force air away from the occupants. A complicated sentence in the press release describes further aero work at the leading edge of the buttresses that improves the aero over the rear deck.

The wheel design is exclusive to the GTS, all the better to see those giant brakes.

The rest, mercifully, remains largely unchanged but you do get a retractable rear window to better hear the V12.

Chassis and Drivetrain

As you might expect, Ferrari loaded the 812 GTS for bear. The 6.5-litre V12 still develops colossal power of 588kW at 8500rpm and 718Nm of torque. It will also smash through 100km/h in under three seconds, 200km/h in 8.3. And will keep going on to the berlinetta’s top speed of 340km/h, despite 85kg of extra weight.

Side-slip 5.0 for heroic oversteer shenanigans is on board. If you stuff it up, the steering system will guide you on which way to to steer to fix it. That’s called Ferrari Power Oversteer and it’s devilishly clever. And it’s got four-wheel steer which Ferrari calls Virtual Short Wheelbase 2.0 for some reason.

How much and when?

It’s going to be a lot, let’s not beat about the bush. If it helps, you do get seven years free servicing on your new Ferrari. And you only have to turn up at the dealer once a year or at 20,000km, whichever comes first. If you’re cracking 20,000km in your 812 GTS in less than 12 months, I would be very keen to meet you.

I’m also quite certain a Ferrari dealer will take your deposit today.

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