2021 Toyota Supra: More grunt, better handling

2021 Toyota Supra: More grunt, better handling

285kW engine tune and revised dynamics for supply-strung Toyota flagship and it’s definitely coming here…later rather than sooner.

After the slow-burn stoking of Toyota GR Supra information before its release, the relatively speedy news of MY21 updates has gone straight for the firelighters. Most cars in Australia are barely off their first set of rear tyres and here we already have a fairly reasonable update to the two-door sportster.

Chassis and drivetrain

2021 Toyota Supra

Inevitably a rise to 285kW for the BMW-built 3.0-litre, single turbo straight-six arrives, matching its BMW Z4 M40i sibling’s power peak, while torque remains unchanged at 500Nm.

According to Toyota, the engine features a new dual-branch exhaust manifold that utilises six exit ports rather than two, improving heat management but also breathing capability. The compression ratio has dropped from 11.0:1 to 10.2:1, an indicator that boost pressure has risen.

On the chassis side, Toyota has added aluminium support braces under the bonnet, tying the strut tops to mounts on the radiator support panel, increasing rigidity. Hopefully, that helps stop the squeaking we experienced when we drove it (yes, the review is coming, it’s Peter’s fault). New bump stops are applied to the front and rear suspension to suit the revised damper tuning.

Matching these mods are revised programs for the electric power steering, Active Differential, Adaptive Variable Suspension and Vehicle Stability Control Systems. Toyota says its intent is to make Supra ‘more stable through quick transitions, such as compound turns’.


2021 Toyota Supra

The MY21 Toyota GR Supra has already been launched in the United States. From an Australian perspective, Toyota says the updated Supra is planned for a late-2020 arrival…pending our favourite virus, naturally.

In a refreshing display of honesty, Toyota Australia says that, while pricing and local specifications are still to be finalised, ‘there will likely be a (price) increase linked to the updates.’ Availability is ‘also expected to be more limited than for the current car’.

Redline recommendation

These updates sound like they’ll be worth the wait, especially as word out of the US launch was that the engine modifications can’t be retrofitted to existing cars. Then again, there are myriad aftermarket tuners that can liberate more than 285kW out of this engine…