2020 Suzuki Swift Sport gains spec, not speed

2020 Suzuki Swift Sport gains spec, not speed

The Suzuki Swift Sport is one of our favourite pint-sizers. For 2020, Suzuki ups its tech game but it should remain a right giggle.

Suzuki has a wonderful history of endearing baby hatches with a sporting bent. From the original 1.3-litre Swift GTi (nowadays a bit of a cult classic, with its 74kW screamer and 840kg kerb weight) through to the last-gen atmo Swift Sport, the small Japanese brand has long punched above its weight.

Now the turbocharged Suzuki Swift Sport enters the second phase of its life with a mild facelift and spec refresh.


2020 Suzuki Swift Sport

The updates major on safety tech, with blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert fitted as standard. More practically, heated exterior mirrors will stave off the morning frost as winter approaches.

A new ‘hero’ two-tone orange/black paint finish (pictured) is available and driver information is enhanced via a digital speedometer.

The peppy 1.4-litre turbo-four remains unchanged, but that’s no bad thing: with 103kW and a capable 230Nm its daily capability impressed the pants off Peter (not literally). The 970kg kerb weight is refreshingly light and endows the Suzuki Swift Sport with strong mid-range punch and engaging handling.

Pricing’s yet to be announced, but we’d bank on a small increase over the previous $25,490 ask for the snickety six-speed manual, or $27,490 six-speed torque converter automatic option.

Which is still too much, but people buy them, so what the hell do we know?


We’re told the facelift Suzuki Swift Sport will be available for sale from May; hopefully Suzuki can push through any logistical delays to meet this timing. There’s a few things going on in the world at the moment…